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About Farm Fresh Grow Formulated Milk for Children


One in five Malaysian children under the age of 5, are stunted.* This is due to a mismatch of nutrients in children. 

We believe that keeping up with right nourishment following mother’s breastfeeding is the foundation of our children’s mental growth & development. 

It is our mission to provide parents with the choice of a natural growing up milk of pure dairy fortified with vitamins and minerals, without any addition of hidden sugar & other unnecessary ingredients like limestone calcium which is not naturally occuring in milk, and vegetable cooking oil. Simply because children deserve better nutrition.


Farm Fresh Grow is now available  as a better substitute to the current formula milk powder and serves many benefits. If your child is already feeding on fresh milk, switch to Farm Fresh Grow for the added fortification of vitamins, minerals & important protein, DHA and Inulin fibre with pure natural cow’s milk. A longer process will take place if you are planning to move to FFG, from formula powder. 


Take caution that our UHT packs only have a shelf life of 3 months from date of manufacture. Take these steps to ensure product is safe to be consumed. Our milk needs to be have a shorter lifespan to maintain it’s quality and nutritional integrity.

  1. Check expiry of product 
  2. Shake pack before opening
  3. Take a sip of the milk before feeding your child (if it is sour, kindly disregard and contact FFM if you need further assistance or refund)
  4. Pour into milk bottle or glass and serve warm or ambient temperature.
  5. Continue encouraging your child if he/she refuses the milk (the taste profile might take some time to adjust as we don’t have any added sugar except natural occurring lactose) Children form habits on average of 2 weeks with consistent routine established by parents.



Subscription plan delivery timeline as per below:

  • Order(s) placed from 1st to 21st of the month, good(s) will be delivered within the SAME MONTH.
  • Order(s) placed from 22nd to end of the month, good(s) will be delivered NEXT MONTH.