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Farm Fresh GROW Formulated Milk For Children 24's x 200ml

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Try Farm Fresh Grow Formulated Milk today! Only the purest of dairy for your child with the best combination of nutrients needed for their essential growth. Subscribe to our 6-months plan with a portable warmer as Gift-with-Purchase, worth RM 40!

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Our latest offer comes with a NEW portable warmer, easy for use on-the-go for you busy mums! To get this offer, an upfront payment of 2 months in advance is required. No GWP is offered for one-off purchases. 

What you will get every month for those who subscribe:

 Steps to Redeem:

1. Tickets to Farm Fresh @ UPM will only be available after 6th month subscription plan. Subplace will send an e-mail notification, physical pass will only be claimable at Farm Fresh @ UPM entrance, no physical pass will be shared over in e-mail.

2. Tickets can be claim at Farm Fresh @ UPM entrance by providing the e-mail from Subplace and latest billing schedule.

3.Tickets validity last only 2 months after the 6th month payment is made based on billing schedule. Please refer to the image below.

For example, 6th month payment is made on 15th October 2022, the validity to claim the tickets will be before 26th December 202

About Farm Fresh Grow Formulated Milk for Children

Introducing Farm Fresh Grow, made with natural cow's milk that packed with DHA (Algae), Inuin Fibre, natural source of calcium and Vitamin D for optimum growth, protein and fortified with 22 added vitamins and minerals with no maltodextrin, no sucrose and no vegetable oil !

Take caution that our UHT packs only have a shelf life of 3 months from date of manufacture. Take these steps to ensure product is safe to be consumed.

  1. Check expiry of product 
  2. Shake pack before opening
  3. Take a sip of the milk before feeding your child (if it is sour, kindly disregard and contact FFM if you need further assistance or refund)
  4. Pour into milk bottle or glass and serve warm or ambient temperature.
  5. Continue encouraging your child if he/she refuses the milk (the taste profile might take some time to adjust as we don’t have any added sugar except natural occurring lactose) Children form habits on average of 2 weeks with consistent routine established by parents.

Fact from KKM : ** One in five Malaysian children under the age of 5, are stunted. This is due to a mismatch of nutrients in children. **(link : 



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